For ONLINE classes:

  1. 1. Participants are signing up as one person, and are requested not to share the link for the class or invite others over to view the class. Each person who wants to participate in the class, needs to register and sign up as a legitimate student.  Participation and viewing of the class is for the person who registered only. If you have others interested in attending the class, feel free to send them the website or flyer for registration.
    2. Audio recording, Video recording, and taking photographs are strictly prohibited, copyright rules apply.
    3. “IZI LLC” owns all information, copyrights, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights provided at the lectures/classes. Therefore, disclosure, duplication, copying, distribution, sale, provision, advertisement, or other disclosure to third parties without prior permission of “IZI LLC” is prohibited.
    4. There are no plans to release recorded video of the lecture, so please check the schedule carefully and make sure that you can attend on the day(s) before applying. Also, thoroughly test the Internet speed, bandwidth & environment to confirm that there are no problems in advance. Students are responsible to make sure your equipment can handle the class.
    5. In signing up for the class, we ask that you do not use unnecessary electronic devices. All IZI LLC sponsored SITH® classes and lectures In-person or ONLINE are spiritual events. It is with great care, spiritual cleaning, and respect that we present these events to you. Therefore, we ask that you not engage in any electronic social communication via texting, emailing, and/or phone calling (unless in case of emergency) while the class is being conducted. We also ask that all other electronic devices not being used to view the class be powered off. Engaging in active social communication during class presentations and the use of unnecessary electronic devices impacts the sacredness of the class. The ramifications of these actions could be tremendous for you, your family, relatives and ancestors. It is our responsibility to inform you of this.
    6. Class Recordings: IZI LLC has not been approved to teach the SITH® class by recording only. There will be no dual option for a student of attending physically and then receiving the recording. It is up to the student, how much of the class they take or participate in. IZI LLC does not make the recordings available for any students that is unable to attend part of the class.
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4 - 5 November 2023
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