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To Understand Ho'oponopono

By Nello Ceccon, Accredited Teacher of Self I-Dentity Through Ho'oponopono®.

A problem-solving method developed and practiced in Hawaii and now spread worldwide for its effectiveness and practicality. Ho'oponopono means "to set things right" and can be applied to any situation or problem you face in life, from health, work and financial problems to relationship and interpersonal problems.

In the traditional way Ho'oponopono is practiced through a meeting in which those interested in solving the problem participate and is led by a Kahuna, or priest who knows the practice of repentance, forgiveness and transmutation.

The Ho'oponopno we all know instead was developed in its foundations by the Hawaiian Kahuna (Priestess) Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona. She observed that what really matters in the problem-solving process, which as we have already defined is a process of repentance, forgiveness and transmutation, is the relationship one has between one's I-entity and the Divine Creator or Divine Intelligence.

Morrnah developed his own view of the I-entity to which each of us consists, which can be summarized in this way:

Conscious Mind, called in Hawaiian Uhane or Mother

Subconscious Mind, called in Hawaiian Unihipili i.e. Child

Superconscious Mind, called in Hawaiian Aumakua i.e. Father

Divine Intelligence, called in Hawaiian "I" or Io.

These four aspects and their relationships form the foundation of Hooponopono.


How is Ho'oponopono practiced?

The foundation of the practice is contained in the Handbook that Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona wrote when she was alive, in this Handbook is the 12-Step Ho'oponopono procedure with the various explanations. This Manual is provided exclusively in Self I-Dentity Through Ho'oponopono seminars, which are listed for Italy on this website.

To apply Ho'oponopono in its basic form, it is also possible to do so without having attended the seminars. In fact, Dr. Ihaleaka Hew Len over the years of teaching has written a short article that simply explains how it works and provides some basic tools for cleansing.

Basically in the article Dr. Hew Len explains the meaning of the famous four phrases that he has spread in various interviews, the famous mantra "I am sorry, I forgive, I thank you, I love you." In addition to this, however, he also provides other interesting tools for cleansing, including Blue Solarized Water and the use of strawberries.

The possibilities for learning how to do Ho'oponopono can be summarized as follows:

1) Read Dr. Hew Len's article, Who is Responsible downloadable here

2) Apply in daily life the tools mentioned in the article, such as : Thank You, I Love You, Blue Solarized Water, Strawberries, There is no limit to use, it can be applied in any situation.

3) Attend one of the seminars of the I-dentity of Se with Ho'oponopono organized by IZI llc, the annual list can be found on this site. In the seminar you learn in addition to the 12 Steps meditations, breathing, physical-energy balancing exercises and over eighty cleansing tools that can be applied immediately in your daily life.


The situations in which Ho'oponopono can be used?

Because it is a procedure between one's Self and Divine Intelligence, it can be applied in situations where one is directly and solely involved, such as in health problems, whether physical, mental or emotional.

It can also be applied in situations where other people along with you are involved, such as when relationship problems occur in couples, or in the family either as parents or children. It can also be applied if one's family member or acquaintance has health or work problems.

It can also be applied in work situations, with one's colleagues, bosses, customers, suppliers, etc.

Ho'oponopono is also very helpful in dealing with money and financial problems, with banks, with one's income and expenses, with investments and all transactions in which money is involved.

Even in situations where we are marginally involved, such as humanitarian crises, global financial crises, the news we get from the news or read on the internet.

It is also useful to apply it to objects, such as houses and land.

In practice, there are no limits to the situations to which the process of repentance, forgiveness and transmutation can be applied.


Where can the Ho'oponopono process be learned in a comprehensive way?

All over the world are the seminars offered by IZI LLC, the organization founded by Dr. Hew Len, Foundation of I president Kamailelauli'I Rafaelovich (KR) and others, which was authorized by the Foundation of I to use the material produced by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona and later added to by Dr, Hew Len, KR and other associates.

In Italy the scheduled seminars can be seen on this site by clicking here, no other seminars are authorized and conform to the original.

The complete list of seminars in the world can be seen at www.self-i-dentity-through-hooponopono.com

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