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PRIVATE SESSIONS will start from January 29, 2024, booking open from December 29, 2023

NELLO CECCON is an IZI LLC authorized BASIC II instructor.


What is SITH® Ho’oponopono Private Session?

The main purpose of the SITH® Private Session is to assist the student in finding their way with using the SITH® process.

If you feel your energy is blocked and feel you cannot move forward, you may initiate the SITH® tools. 

If you are experiencing depression or downfall, no matter how clear the cause may seem to you, you may review the tools, and start the cleaning. 

If  you feel you don’t have the energy to keep going, you may start again.

If you feel you have lost your way and  have doubts and fears about the path you should be on, you can come back to your Divine self as you were created.

Focusing on some of the memories that may create a lack of determination and responsibility and what you need now the instructor will assist you in applying the SITH® process and answer questions regarding Ho’oponopono so that you may clean. 

The goal of the SITH® Private Session is to assist in removing memories that make it difficult to move forward, allowing you to clean whatever you are facing, to get back to zero and be inspired. 

The  SITH® Private session is like a mini lecture where a student may sign up for a 1 hour private session with an authorized IZI LLC Instructor. 

IZI LLC is greatful to open the IZI LLC SITH® Private Sessions.

How can SITH® Private Sessions assist with concerns in life? 

In the SITH® Private Sessions, you can work with the IZI LLC Instructor to work with concerns around-

  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Financial issues
  • Marriage
  • Mental health
  • Addictions
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Life Purpose
  • Business
  • Any other concerns


The main purpose of this private session is to help you resume the cleaning process so that you can regain the inspiration, the Divine Intelligence, to which each of us is originally connected.
If your capacity to love is blocked, when you cannot feel all the energy you need to live vibrantly each day, the session helps remove this blockage.
When you experience depression or downfall, no matter how clear the cause, you have lost sight of your "life purpose," the session helps you find it again.
When you feel lost and lack the energy to move forward, reconnect with your Inner Family.
When you have lost your way, or when you have doubts or fears about the path you should follow, it is time to clean up and return to living your original rhythm.
Focusing on your own memories that create a sense of lack of purpose, responsibility, and what you need right now, the instructor will encourage you to clean up throughout the hour, answering your questions.
The goal of this session is to remove memory blocks that make it difficult to live your true self, to allow you to cleanse whatever issues you are facing and get back into the rhythm of life.

To ensure safety and fluidity in the conduct of the session, first we ask you to read "Who is in Charge," to learn about the "Three Selves" that make up the "I," which is essential for completing the Ho'oponopono process.

Important Guidelines: 

1. The IZI LLC Instructor provides the appropriate materials for the student due to what lecture or class the student has participated in, and may only use tools and discuss materials from a class the student has participated in. A student who has not taken an IZI LLC Lecture may still patriciate in the Private session and may be given tools from a lecture.  IZI LLC Instructors will assist the student in use of the SITH® tools. This is like a lecture with timing being important, the time may not go over the allotted 1 hour. 


3. Once the payment and registration is complete, the student will be entered into the Registration list. The cleaning begins when registration is completed. The cleaning list will be posted every business day to these 3 Affiliates (Kamailelauli’I Rafaelovich, Constance ZHoku=Pana Webber & Mary Koehler-My Wild Irish Rose) and Instructor doing the session.

4. IZI LLC Instructors may not extend the session beyond the agreed upon time, and may not answer questions after the session. Once the IZI LLC SITH® Private Session is done, WE ARE SET FREE! AND IT IS DONE!  

5. Cancellation Policy for Students: When you register the cleaning begins. No refund or transfer to other Coordinator or Instructor for IZI LLC SITH Private Sessions once registration is completed.

 6. Registration details:

a. Private sessions may not be schedule more than 30 days ahead of the appointment.

b. Registration Policy for Coordinators: If an IZI LLC Instructor is unavailable, the Coordinator will keep the appointment with another authorized instructor and if no instructor is available then the appointment will need to be reschedule. 

7. All sessions are ONLINE or via phone. No IN PERSON sessions.

8. If the Instructor deems the subject matter or content presented by the student is inappropriate, the Instructor will tell the student this is inappropriate material and ask the student to change the discussion. If the student continues with material deemed in approximate by the instructor, the instructor has the unilateral right to end the session.  There will be no refund. 

We welcome you to the IZI LLC SITH® Private Sessions.  

How does it work
Only SITH® Authorized Instructors are approved to do the SITH® Private Sessions.

  • You may ask any questions you have about the cleaning tools and how to practice them from any classes you have taken. (Basic II students must sign up with a Basic II Instructor)
  • The IZI LLC Instructor provides the appropriate materials for the student due to what lecture or class the student has participated in, and may only use tools and discuss materials from a class the student has participated in.
  • A student who has not taken a Lecture may still patriciate in the Private session and may be given tools from a lecture.
  • The IZI LLC Instructor will assist the student in use of the SITH® tools.
  • Sessions are schedule for 60 minutes on a date and time of your choice given the times available.
  • Sessions are conducted by the Instructor and the student, and a translator for approved areas.
  • The SITH® Private Session will be conducted according to the application sent to the Coordinator in advance. During the session, students may ask questions directly to the instructor about problems you are facing, cleaning methods other questions etc.
  • Once both your application and payment are confirmed, we will send your information to IZI LLC and the instructor to complete you application and being the cleaning process.
  • The purpose of the SITH Private session is not to have IZI LLC authorized Instructors solve the problem or give advice. The purpose is to give the student clarity on the SITH® materials and cleaning processes and to assist the student on how to use SITH® to find their way.



  • Once sent, no corrections or additions can be made. If you would like to add something, please let the instructor know during the session.
  • We will use email to contact you, so please set up your email settings so that you can receive emails from (You email) (If you cannot check your email, please check your spam folder)
  • The Coordinator will delete your personal information responsibly after the session.
  • Only you can participate during the session.
  • Please note that appointments can only be made up to 30 days in advance.
  • There is no cancelation or refund as the cleaning begins when you register.

Practical information

  • The price of the session is 330 Euro
  • The available days are Tuesday and Wednesday, and two sessions are available for both, at 3 and 4:05 p.m. respectively
  • Each session lasts 60 minutes and is conducted by Nello Ceccon, in Italian or English
  • When you have entered your information you can make payment by credit card or bank transfer

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